(from Greek apo away, sema sign) describes a family of antipredator adaptations in which a warning signal is associated with the unprofitability of a prey item to potential predators.


Aposematism always involves an advertising signal which may take the form of conspicuous coloration or other perceivable characteristics.


Aposematic signals are beneficial for both the predator and prey, since both avoid potential harm.






My artworks share visual codes used by animals
to protect themselves.


They take on the guise of abstract paintings.


I use forms that function to grip/distract the attention of the viewer.


The aposematic codes they utilize pre-date human evolution.


Our sense of sight evolved around them.


By utilizing these codes I hope to access a way of paintings that works directly on the viewer. However it seems that only through allowing unexpected mutations to emerge, am I able to gather these paintings together in a coherent way.


I find myself in the midst of, rather than on top of,
this order.